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5 MINUTE MEDIA wins Horizon Interactive Award

April 20, 2005
Newport Beach ,

5 Minute Media
(5mm), a division of More Media Group, Inc., a California corporation (MMG), announced today that the 5mm series they produced and continue to deliver for Epson has won the 2005 Horizon Interactive Award for Education. The Epson Online Experience ( www.epsononlineexperience.com ) takes subscribers on a three month episodic journey into the world of professional photography and digital printmaking.  "What we produced in this 5mm series was a photo enthusiast's dream," stated Bill Ganz, co-founder and CEO, MMG. Subscribers join some of the top photographers in the world as they prepare for a shoot, set up the lighting, deal with the elements and capture their images.  Then they watch and learn as they color correct, dodge and burn and enhance the images for spectacular results.

The Epson Online Experience is an innovative web based program. Subscribers can view daily new videos packed with professional techniques, tips and step-by-step tutorials for creating spectacular images and digital prints. MMG produced, directed and continues to deliver the series through their 5mm network.

5mm is a dynamic, rich media experience that is delivered to a user's inbox or mobile device in daily 5 minute episodic bites of knowledge. Content is engaging, immersive and interactive, creating a new dimension in learning that is entertaining and appealing.

The Horizon Interactive Awards is an international competition that was created to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of Interactive Media. The awards focus on multimedia firms, advertising agencies, in-house communications, marketing departments and freelancers who strive to create innovative, interactive solutions for themselves and for their clients. The competition strives to recognize the best blend between creative concepts and technical execution with a special emphasis on graphic design, artistic expression and user experience.

Direct marketing agency Olson/Kotowski submitted the Epson Online Experience to the Horizon Interactive Awards on behalf of the producers, directors, content management house and marketing teams that collaborated on this award winning project. The award can be viewed at www.horizoninteractiveawards.com under 2005 winners in the education/training bronze category. The award is listed under Olson/Kotowski - Print Academy Online Experience.

About More Media Group

More Media Group (MMG) is a full-service media design and production company that creates immersive themed experiences. MMG specializes in the Creative Development and Production of High-Definition, Multi-Screen, and Interactive video presentations, shows, and attractions

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