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Delivery Platform
More Media Group Launches 5 MINUTE MEDIA
5mm Delivers Internet Video Content in Short 5 Minute Episodic 'Bites'

January 18, 2005
Newport Beach , California

More Media Group, Inc
., a California corporation (MMG), announced today the launching of their proprietary 5mm platform to deliver dynamic, rich media content in short format over the Internet. A 'five' is delivered to a user's inbox or mobile device in daily 5 minute episodic bites of knowledge with  content that is engaging, immersive and interactive.

By effectively capturing a viewer's attention in an interactive environment, educators and marketers are able to effectively communicate messages in a way that grounds new learning and influences behavior, all within a customer permission based environment. "Our goal was to develop a new dimension in learning that was at once educational and entertaining," stated Bill Ganz, co-founder and CEO, MMG. "In essence, 5mm is about 'edutainment'." The fusion of education and entertainment is something that Ganz is very familiar with as the nephew of Joan Ganz Peterson, creator of Sesame Street and Electric Company. Ganz' own career has been steeped in edutainment, having spent seven years as Anthony Robbins executive producer where he first created the unique, multi-sensory interactive environments that allowed Robbins to deliver his message more effectively. Ganz studied the effect that such an experience had on the audience and their ability to capture and ground new learning in behavior for sustainable results, and brought this philosophy and spirit to the creation of 5mm.

"In essence, 5mm is about delivering information that engages, communicates and inspires its audience," continues Ganz. Based on the premise that most people will only take away three things from an educational, informational or entertaining session, 5mm uses a bite-sized approach that is uniquely structured to a viewer's attention span.

Measurement is also a key component of the 5mm series approach. MMG has developed True Response, an analytics and reporting structure that brings a deep level of marketing and sales feedback to an organization. No longer do companies have to guess if their campaign is working, with True Response they know who is watching, when they're watching and for how long, all within a permission based environment.

About More Media Group
More Media Group (MMG) is a full-service media design and production company that creates immersive themed experiences. MMG specializes in the Creative Development and Production of High-Definition, Multi-Screen, and Interactive video presentations, shows, and attractions

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