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Delivery Platform
New Dimensions in Media are specialists in building brands through experiential, well-integrated campaigns that utilize multiple platforms to capture the attention of their target audience, building brand trust and loyalty. We can work with your agency to deliver highly interactive elements to your ongoing campaign, or help you with an end-to-end solution.

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An Experiential Marketing approach is interactive by design, creating touch points for a person to have an experience with your brand. It is a dynamic and powerful way to reach an audience that has increasingly become elusive to marketers. Never before has a culture been so saturated with choices. Today's consumer is smart, savvy and skeptical. They want it their way, and on their own terms. They express their individuality first, but are easily
influenced by their peers.

Experiential Marketing is a non-traditional approach to bring your brand into the lifestyle of your target demographic, and 5mm is an ideal platform to do so whether through subscription programming or sponsorship of lifestyle or entertainment programming, consumers are thankful for what you've brought them and even more loyal to your brand. It is a powerful way to create a buzz, influence the influencers and ignite an underground, word-of-mouth phenomena around your product or service.

Independent marketing studies have shown that approximately 65% of individuals that have an experience with a brand during a positive experience will inquire about or make a purchase following that experience. Our unique approach translates to sales. We are results oriented, so a
customized campaign will always have a retail &/or e-commerce component to drive sales and deliver a quantifiable return on your investment.




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