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Learning plus
Learning Plus is a refreshingly new high impact approach to education that focuses on short form, bite-sized knowledge with pre and post learning modules to reinforce and ground new behavior. 

We know that most people will only take away three things from an educational session, so more time does not necessarily equate to high impact.  On the contrary, bite-sized learning is uniquely structured to a viewer’s attention span.  The easier it is to learn, the more willing people are to engage in the learning, and the more they will retain and use in the future.

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Learning Plus modules are delivered on-demand in 5 minute bites of learning and training to a user’s inbox.  User’s can view daily segments on their own schedule and at their own pace making learning convenient and flexible.  Each bite sized session is multi-sensory and interactive, utilizing a rich media, entertaining component with key words, outlines, charts, graphs and links to engage the viewer. 

Pre-learning information is delivered to a viewer prior to their session to focus attention on the new learning that will take place and it’s relevancy to their work flow.  This preparative step is often overlooked, but highly influential in how new information is processed and subsequently used post training.

Post-learning follow-up e-mails reinforce key concepts and serve as reminders to participants to practice new learning immediately in order to ground new behavior. Consistent reinforcement of key messages and delivery of additional information, resources, perspectives and coaching dramatically enhance the results of training activities.
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In a business environment, Learning Plus delivers a far higher ROI than traditional corporate training and educational initiatives. Bite-size session delivered online and on-demand eliminate the costs and issues associated with traditional training.  Organizations lose very little work time, save costs associated with travel and meals, and benefit from a more effective transference of new skills that can be practiced immediately in the work environment to ground learning in new behavior.

It is also immensely popular with employees and has the added benefits of increasing retention, boosting discretionary energy, raising motivation levels and getting people to take more responsibility, all while positively impacting your bottom line.

Benefits to the organization

  1. Less disruptive and easier to fit into a normal work day
  2. Significant cost savings – up to 80% from traditional programs
  3. Eliminates information overload
  4. Is consistent with research that shows that people learn best a little bit at a time over a long period (distributed learning).

Benefits to the employee

  1. It is easier to offer a broad range of activities so that people can choose the subjects that are relevant to them
  2. Sessions are archived for repeat viewing so employees can re-watch a segment when relevant to work flow
  3. Learning is fun and entertaining, creating a positive experience.
  4. Short format gives people the ability to focus and keeps the information fresh.
  5. By keeping learning short and sweet, employees are encouraged to seek learning outside of the workplace.


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