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case studies

arrow The Epson Online Experience

Epson brought 5mm in to produce and deliver a subscription based, three month episodic journey with the top photographers in the world.


Advanced amateur photographers are a rich target for high-end printer manufacturers as photography moves into the digital realm. Individuals in this segment spend thousands of dollars annually on related equipment, supplies and software. Epson America, a leading manufacturer of high-quality
digital output and projection devices, sought to establish deep and lasting relevance in this highly targeted market.

Offer the audience highly valued content through a combination of education and celebrity exposure. For $29.95, the audience gets a behind-the-scenes look at a professional photographer's life, learning about the tips and tools - including Epson printers - that professionals use to create the
stunning images amateurs aspire to. A 12-week "Print Academy" of daily interactive videos follows five respected
professional photographers on location throughout America, hosted by photography enthusiast Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash.


  • Thousands of users have paid and subscribed.
  • 75% of subscribers watched at least 45 episodes.
  • Independent online survey reveals 90+% satisfaction in key categories:
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Convenience of interactive online format
  • Self-reported improvement in skills
  • Willingness to recommend the program to others
  • 75% of users surveyed reported a better understanding of Epson's
  • The program received a 2005 Horizon Interactive Bronze Award in the Education / Training category.

Project Link
View the Epson Online Experience website and a free demo overview with Graham Nash at: www.epsononlineexperience.com

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