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03.30.07Bill Ganz Pilots the My-Media Revolution.
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Privacy Policy
arrow Education

5mm is based on a high impact educational model we call Learning Plus. By delivering short format programming in an interactive environment, viewers are able to focus on bite sized pieces of knowledge and practice the new learning before moving on. This effectively grounds the new learning in behavior so that results are sustainable. The format is also highly cost effective and time sensitive as compared to traditional on-site education that requires layers of expense and inflexible time requirements.

Corporate Training - Almost any training initiative within an organization can be delivered in a 5mm series, from computer training to policy & procedure programs, the ability to archive content allows repetitious viewing opportunities that is flexible and convenient for busy professionals.

Product Tutorials - A great way to cut down on calls to support centers - how to video clips archived according specific product functions answer the relevant questions that used to require time consuming reading or a phone call to the company.

E-Learning - Cost effective and high impact learning - 5 minute 'KnowledgeBites' ground new behavior and are a flexible and convenient way to learn.

Online Coaching - The one-to-one nature of the Internet coupled with the personalized, interactive 5mm delivery make this an ideal coaching platform.


From hobby or interest programs to product tutorials, 5 minute segments in a rich media, immersive environment is enough time to communicate important information while being short enough to capture and maintain a viewer's interest.

Sales and Customer Support -Sales and product information can be communicated seamlessly through the 5mm platform mitigating the number of calls to a center, and the 'human' interaction time and expense involved in that.

Public Relations - An ideal platform to relay newsworthy information in a format that is both show AND tell.

Hobby/Enthusiast Programs - Elective learning around subjects that are of interest to a viewer are one of the key subscription models that are ideal for the 5mm network. Also a great sponsorship opportunity for savvy marketers. Daily

News Updates- The integration of the key words, outline and interactive screen that is the 5mm platform adds a new dimension to the delivery of news clips that is multi-sensory and engaging.

arrow Entertainment

Bites of entertainment that fit into a person's schedule allow a new dimension in entertainment that viewer's can enjoy anytime, anywhere. It is a short break in a worker's day, between meeting, appointments or classes to relax and enjoy a behind the scenes look into an athlete's world, watch a music video or get close and personal with a celebrity.

Sports - 5mm programming for bites of sports information is limited only by the imagination. Daily clips that show unbelievable plays, an insider look into the world of an athlete, daily updates and perspectives, etc. are a few of the possibilities.

Lifestyle Programming - There is a large market for content that speaks to target viewer's lifestyles whether it be a youth focus, cultural program or key updates about happenings they are interested in, 5mm is a platform to deliver relevant content for their viewing pleasure.

Behind the Scenes - Celebrity and athlete behind the scenes has gained popularity as viewers enjoy feeling a connection to the people that entertain and inspire them.

Music Videos - The popularity of viewing music videos can be greatly enhanced in a 5mm environment where viewers can customize skins and key wording and information create an engaging, interactive experience that is unlike broadcast.

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