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03.30.07Bill Ganz Pilots the My-Media Revolution.
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01.30.07 More Media Group launches Fender into "Corporate Web 2.0" by Bringing Behind-the-Scenes Footage to YouTube...
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8.04.05 5mm Wins the 2005 New Horizon Interactive Award … More »

3.10.05 More Media Group Launches 5mm ... More »

"The Future of Advertising"
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"Consumers Decide What How and When" ... More »
Top 10 2006 Tech Predictions
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Ad Spending Shift Away From TV ... More »
TV via Internet - Learning Implications
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5mm is a dynamic, rich media experience that is delivered to a user's inbox or mobile device in daily 5 minute episodic bites of knowledge. Content is engaging, immersive and interactive, creating a new dimension in learning that is entertaining and appealing.

By capturing a viewer's attention in an interactive environment, educators and marketers are able to effectively communicate messages in a way that grounds new learning and influences behavior, all within a customer permission based environment.

5mm applications
5 minute media video education Education
» Corporate Training
» Product Tutorials
» E-Learning
» Online Coaching
video podcasting video information and video tutorials Information
» Sales and Customer Support
» Public Relations
» Hobby/Enthusiast Programs
» Daily News Updates
video sports updates delivered right to you! Entertainment
» Sports
» Lifestyle Programming
» Behind the Scenes
» Music Videos

5mm applications
The 5mm team of award winning producers, directors, and designers has a rare combination
of deep experience in both entertainment and education.  This blend of the logical with the creative lends itself to the creation of top-tier production, and a unique experience we call 'Edutainment,' - the fusion of education and entertainment.   

Customer Showcase
video messaging
epson online experience showcase Epson brought 5mm in to produce and deliver a three month episodic journey with the top photographers in the world…more »

Five Minute Media Subscription Plus
video messaging
Subscription Screenshot The immersive, media rich 5mm environments reinforce learning with multi-media elements to highlight key concepts. ... more »
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